Exceptional, Professional, Diligent, Reliable And So Much More

Emma Feather - Landlord/Vendor , 20 Feb 2020

Exceptional, professional, diligent, reliable and so much more.  Lia was our Property Manager and Selling Agent for nearly 2 years.  Every single step of the way, Lia was there for us and went above and beyond to ensure our interests were always taken care of.  The trust and confidence Lia built into her relationship with us never wavered and we knew we were in the best hands from the start to the end.  She is highly skilled at her work, she knows the ins and outs of the complex legislation, everyone's rights and obligations, and she expertly manages properties, renters, insurers, body corporates, builders and all other stakeholders with fairness and respect. Personally, we had some very challenging circumstances with our property which we would have been utterly at a loss to resolve were it not for Lia's deft hand, especially as we were overseas.  She took care of our property as though it were her own, right down to the smallest detail, without missing a beat and nothing was beyond her capabilities.  We always felt Lia was there for us, no matter what and she kept us fully informed every step of the way.  Her expert guidance comes from years of experience and we always benefited by this.  The degree of confidence we felt comes from the extraordinary personal level of service that only a very special Property Manager/Agent like Lia can provide.  Lia also had a selection of trusted service providers who were able to conduct repairs and maintenance when needed at top quality yet very competitive fees which we were very happy with. We can strongly recommend Lia with the utmost certainty.  Words fall far short of describing how happy we were with Lia and how incredible her level of service and professionalism is.  We wish her and Jaimie the most success and we trust they will continue to have very many happy clients into the future! With infinite thanks. Emma and Alex.