Thank You for the Superb Management

Mia Staats - Landlord , 02 May 2017

I would like to thank Lia Juriansz for the superb management of my rental property over the years. Recently the tenants caused some major flood damage to my rental property and created a massive amount of work to sort it all out. I was away in Perth at the time and Lia liaised with the many tradesmen, insurance company, and anyone else that became involved. Not only did she sort out all legal and practical issues she also helped mop up the water and move the tenants property to avoid water damage, made multiple trips to the property to let assessors or tradesmen in and emailed or phoned me daily to inform me of the progress being made. I can absolutely recommend Lia as a property manager for her professionalism, thoroughness, and the way she managed my property was exceptional, she is amazing.