Exceptionlly high standard management

Kay Noonan, CEO, Headway, Gold Coast , 01 Jan 2013

Lia has always demonstrated a commitment to an exceptionally high standard of practice in all aspects of her roles and responsibilities as senior staff member, autonomously accountable to the CEO. This commitment has included her proactive self-directed education at a university level, participation as a team member and manager/leader, staff trainer/adviser, case manager incorporating development and implementation of individual support plan development  and industry accredited positive behaviour management of service users with an acquired brain injury.

The role also encompassed the review and updating and/or development of service user plans, as well as service accreditation, review and evaluation in regard to funding provision for the individual service user and block funding for the service as a whole, as accountable to the relevant government department. Lia carried out this job description as Service Planning Co-ordinator.