Lifesaver with excellent customer service

Missy C - Landlord , 19 Jun 2018

Lia is a lifesaver and perfect example of what excellent customer service should be. If I could give 10 stars, I would. I can't commend her enough for what she has done from the first time I spoke to her.

In the past, we dealt with a few agents who did not act in our best interests - virtually no updates, contacting everyday for missing funds and files, this ended up costing us alot of time, money and effort.

When we spoke to Lia, from day 1 she spent time with us to explain what our legal rights were as landlords and helped us with retrieving all the missing files and funds owed to us.

The hand over process was made alot easier by talking through it with Lia who was extremely responsive (still is!) along with fixing up the property as the previous tenants and agents did not take care of the property at all. As soon as Lia took over, she got the property renovated and ready for inspection within 1-2 weeks!

She has an amazing gift with understanding personality and goes through so much detail to ensure the right tenants are chosen for your property.

It has been a few months since switching to Robina Village and I am still so amazed with the level of communication and service Lia continues to provide. She treats your property with love and care, the same way you would treat your home.

You never know when you have a good agent until issues arise. Our previous agents didn't make sure maintenance jobs were done properly and this ended up costing us in the long run with the same issues popping up, not caring about what the cost was, making it difficult to get in contact with them for updates etc. With all the unforeseen problems that have come up after the hand over, Lia has been able to persevere and shine through the tough times - finding a solution and preventing the problem in future. This has shown us that Lia is willing to get her hands dirty and be involved every step of the way to make sure everything is done to her high standards. She is also very resourceful, always finding clever and creative ways to make the property more presentable without costing a fortune.

We are very happy we have Lia as our eyes on the property, we wouldn't trust anyone else with it!