You Will Not Be Dissapointed

Diana - Seller , 20 Mar 2020

To anyone considering engaging a Real Estate Agent of quality, I am very happy to say that you will not be disappointed if you appoint Jaimie Juriansz of Robina Village Real Estate. I consider myself a good and rather instinctive judge of character and was immediately impressed by the quiet dignity, professionalism and lack of 'hard sell' of this man. My thoughts were ' This is just the type of person I would like to deal with if I were either a buyer or a seller'. He sold my property in his first inspection and the following process was seamless. I subsequently rather bombarded Jaimie with excessive emails to be forwarded to my buyer (I am quite the detailist) and this he did for me with grace and good humour! This is a very genuine endorsement, just go ahead and appoint him.. you will be delighted!