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Our Experience

Robina Village Real Estate, with its 25+years of experience in Robina, Varsity and Gold Coast surrounds, offers the highest level of management possible of your most valuable asset which provides for your minimum stress and maximum rental income. 


Legislation for Property Management

Our standard of management adheres to all relevant real estate industry standard legislation and procedures to ensure the correct rights and responsibilities are practised for landlords and tenants alike.  We respect and use the following real estate industry mandates and authorities to ensure our work is professional and ethical:-


  • Property Occupations Act 2014 (agency legislation)
  • Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (300+-page legislation/Act for managing property management)
  • Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) - industry standard authority for landlords and tenants protection
  • Office of Fair Trading, Qld
  • Privacy Act 1988


Maximum Yield and Care of Property

Following the mandates and legislation for real estate supports the best-practice model to ensure your property is (a) kept in the best condition possible,  (b) to ensure the  maximum yield is achieved as well as (c) to always ensure all parties (tenants and landlords) are taken care of in a professional and lawful manner.   When provided this standard of management, both landlords and tenants are ensured safety, protection and satisfaction in a tenancy.   Doing so will ensure tenants' rightful needs are met and which in most cases prevents escalation or need for conciliation. 


Management - Long Term Tenancy

If the safety, functionality and privacy of your tenants home is respected it makes sense that they are then most likely to reciprocally ensure their responsibilities are met with the care of your property for the term of their stay and with longevity.  Tenancy terms which are consistently renewed with happy tenants, greatly increases the rental yield of your investment property or portfolio.   Maintaining this standard requires a knowledgeable, skilled, consistent and ethical management.


Our Property Management Services - Request an Appraisal

If you are (1) a new investor/landlord, (2)  a seasoned landlord or (3) wish to transfer your property from another agency management, please click on the following link to 'Request an Appraisal' and we would be more than happy to contact you to meet with you to discuss in detail your individual landlord and property needs.   The senior property manager will discuss with you the package that best suits your changing needs as a valuable client/landlord and will explain how we manage.  The three packages available are Gold, Silver and Bronze packages with flat rates.  The benefit of being able to choose a package with flat rates is that you only pay the percentage of management fee that is appropriate to your property's individual needs, and not for services that you may not be using.



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Landlord Information

For more information about our management standards and professionalism we will provide you with a comprehensive information pack when we meet you or this can be sent by mail.   For now, please click on the additional links on the Landlord Services tab to read about:-

  1. Robina Village Real Estate Property Management
  2. Senior Property Manager's experience/testimonials
  3. How to Appoint an Agent/Transfer from another agent
  4. Property Management Processes/Information - How we manage your property


It would be a privilege to be given the opportunity to be considered as the managing agent for your investment property.