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Are you selling property on the Gold Coast?

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Deciding to sell your home – or your investment property – is a big decision.  Yet it is more than simply calling in a few agents and selecting the one who promises you the highest price or the lowest commission.

At Robina Village Real Estate we want to help.

Is selling really the best option?  We will listen, and try and offer advice that will assist you in making the best decision – for you.

We will provide you with current market conditions, information about similar properties that have recently sold or are on the market.  We will suggest a selling price, providing you a Current Market Analysis, based on facts, market knowledge and experience.  Above all we promise to tell you the truth.

We will explain our selling strategy and will heed your needs and requirements.  We will continue to listen.  We will endeavour to earn your trust.  It is far more important to us to build a relationship – than merely selling a property.

Our team can provide the expertise, legislative and marketing resources, market knowledge from 30 + years experience in Robina, Varsity and Gold Coast real estate.  Very importantly, we can provide the very best of negotiations skills and an ethics perspective.

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Why Us?

Why Use Robina Village Real Estate?

Our Mission...

To provide one of the finest real estate service on the Gold Coast, based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care. In so doing, we will earn the loyalty and trust of home-sellers and buyers, who will become our life-long clients and friends because we always place their interests ahead of our own.


Established over 20 years - Robina Village Real Estate ...

Robina Village Real Estate was founded in 1990 by the Robina Land Corporation to give the residents of Robina and surrounding areas a professional real estate agency specialising in the sale of the area’s established homes.

The first premises were located in the original Robina Village Shopping Centre long before Robina Town Centre was built, before moving to a more prominent location on Ron Penhaligon Way, a major road named after the first Albert Shire engineer.  10 years later the agency farewelled the old office to purchase and develop a more modern and dynamic office in Scottsdale Drive, a stone’s throw from the thriving, bustling Town Centre, and visible to the many vehicles heading towards the new Varsity Station.

Agency Philosophy...

The agency philosophy of striving to provide the finest service with ethics as its core value is based upon the simple values of honesty and integrity.  We believe that always putting the interests of our sellers and buyers at the forefront of all dealings will surely create better relationships and give real estate consumers the safest possible environment in which to buy or sell a home.


How We are Different...

  • No personal names on signs. Only a 24 hour contact telephone number so all agents can service the buyer enquiry.

  • No open for inspections. Why limit prospective buyers to a 30 minute inspections time? It is well known that most visitors to open homes are not "real" buyers - they are not in a position to buy; they are simply getting an idea. The only people who should inspect your property are those who are fully qualified, able and willing to purchase the right home if they see it.

  • No auctions. It has been proven that while auctions can get high prices, they cannot get the highest price. Most successful bidders confess they would have paid more but didn’t have to...

  • No up-front costs for advertising or marketing. Why take the risk of paying money if your property does not sell?

  • Training. Do all agents really study their craft? Do they attend seminars and read books about negotiation, psychology and selling skills? We do!  Just test us.