Our Agency Culture and Ethics


Ethics in Real Estate...

Our Real Estate Agency, Management Program's Core Culture is the essence of our business. There is more than a business component in any business, the moral component is paramount.

Many of our philosophies - principles and moral themes - come from a study of the world's most successful businesses and the world's most respected and successful people, spanning hundreds of years.

Looking at the best from these studies and adopting these principles helps us decide upon 'our' company culture.

The 10 Principal Moral Components:-

  1. Be proud of 'how' we make our profit - striving to do what is best and right is far more stimulating than following competitors.
  2. Commonality - what is common in an industry often differs from what is profitable, if this means doing the direct opposite to the usual cultures that have developed.
  3. Asking questions - Why? Why is something done in a certain way. Is there another or better way? How can we improve?
  4. Simplicity - business is amazingly simple, yet most people make it amazingly complicated. Taking the key elements and reduce everything to a simple format capable of being understood by all.
  5. The end result - ensure we get to the end result no matter how long it takes, as long as we can reach the end, the methods are fine as long as they are within our culture.
  6. Client Care - the law of cause and effect. The interests of the client must be paramount. Look after clients in an outstanding manner. If the person does not have the desired effect, the cause is where the problems begin.
  7. Commitment - character is the willingness to fulfill commitments today that were made yesterday. Discover a need and find a way to fill that need.   Offering a superior service, fulfilling client care.
  8. Effort - There is no 'easy way'. One law of business which cannot be circumvented. It takes several years of massive effort to reach a level of great achievement. 
  9. Responsibility - The most important word in business perhaps. Accept complete responsibility for everything that happens to us, release ourselves   from the shackles of excuse making that chain us to mediocrity. For every problem there must be a solution. 
  10. Decisions - the character of good leadership is revealed when tough decisions have to be made.