Are you searching for a rental property on the Gold Coast?

We lease residential property in Robina, Varsity Lakes and Gold Coast surrounds.


Prospective Tenants

Robina Village Real Estate, with its 25+years of experience in Gold Coast Real Estate, offers the highest level of property management and tenant support. Please review our 'Tenant Application Pack' (please see the sub-menu below the 'Tenants' main menu) for the necessary initial application paperwork if you have seen a property in our rental listings that interests you. If there's nothing suitable listed currently - our available unoccupied portfolio is small due to high demand - please still contact us as a property may be about to come on the market.


Existing Tenants

We ensure that our standard of property management adheres to all relevant real estate industry standard legislation and procedures to protect landlords and tenants alike. If you have a maintenance request please complete and submit our Maintenance Request Form and we'll be in touch with you to address the issue as soon as possible.