Jaimie Was Very Patient and Informative

Denise McGrath - Buyer , 16 Oct 2017

Buying a property is a really huge decision. It can be difficult as you are always wondering if you are making the right decision. Jaimie was very patient and informative. I never felt silly even though I am sure I asked the most basic questions. I appreciated how Jaimie arranged a second viewing for me so that I could have a friend also attend. Jaimie never pressured me as I found some agents do. I could tell he also looked after the couple who were selling. Jaimie comfortably finds a balance so that he keeps both parties happy and supportive. He was honest and gave personal examples where applicable as I worked through my decision. I am really pleased with the outcome. It is likely I will eventually rent my place out and when I do, I will go to Jaimie as my rental agent. Jaimie's receptionist was also really lovely. Thanks Jaimie and the team.