Appointing A Property Manager

Property Manager appointment process for Landlords.

Servicing Robina, Varsity Lakes and Gold Coast surrounds.


Arrange an Appointment

  • Contact Lia Juriansz, Senior Property Manager, on the 'Contact us' tab - or make contact with our Rental Department on ph. 07 5562 2522 | m. 0431 997339 | e. 

Viewing your Property and Meeting with you

  • We will arrange an appointment time to view your property and to get to know you and your property needs.
  • Viewing your property is essential as your property will have individual and unique features and we need to gauge if your property's weekly rental is worth more than the average property.
  • Additionally, meeting with you is essential to ensure you are happy with our type of management, level of communication and professionalism

Provide CMA - Current Market Analysis (appraisal of your property)

  • We will carry out an industry standard Current Market Analysis (CMA) and provide a comprehensive report for you to keep about the features and value of your property.  This is carried out using our expertise, with industry and area knowledge taken into account coupled with researching the data provided by Core Logic/RP data real estate website; this information is only accessible to licensed agencies and agents.
  • This CMA will be based on similar properties fitting the same criteria which are currently or have been for rent in your area within the last 6 months (and within a 5 km radius). The CMA also considers the unique features of your property and surrounding amenities and demographics.  
  • This will provide a fairly accurate appraisal of what you may be able to obtain for your weekly rental income for your investment property
  • Please note the achievable rental price will also be based on supply and demand for the type of property at the time of listing.

Discuss How we would Manage your Investment Property

  • Our property manager will also explain the requisite and necessary current legislation requirements along with ways Robina Village Real Estate will manage and maintain your property; we will discuss ways we  can reduce your vacancy rates, maintain your property condition and increase your profits to achieve your highest possible rental yield.

Appointment Agreement - Form 6

  • Once you have chosen Robina Village Real Estate you will be asked to sign a Form 6 - Appointment of Agent form - this form will contain all of the implicit arrangements needed for the Agreement between landlord and tenant and allows for you to provide your instructions and standards for how we will exactly manage your property.
  • The Form 6 will include information such as Robina Village Real Estate company details, your exact details, clarify agreed fees, outline marketing arrangements, creditors to be used, compliance details - smoke alarms, pool compliance, building and landlord liability insurances, water consumption charges, creditor and property invoice payment methods and details etc. etc.
  • A signed copy of the  Form 6 will be provided to you immediately.  
  • This agreement can be cancelled at any time by either landlord or property manager, if notifying the other party in writing with 30 days notice.


  • Another appointment will be arranged to again enter the property and take marketing photos; and
  • Your property will then be advertised on our company website along with being placed on the highly used and most popular real estate domain and a list of other popular real estate domains, included on our rental list handout, emailed to clients on our agency database/newsletters etc. and also displayed in our prominent office window display.
  • If you choose, a sign will be erected immediately at your property in the most prominent location/s as agreed by you.

Follow up and choosing a Tenant

  • You will be constantly communicated with from this point onward about the progress with marketing, provided a written weekly report with regular updates about suitable tenants and feedback about your property. 


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