Auctions - NOT REALITY TV!

Auctions are the biggest con job of all - buy a cheap house or flat, add some improvements and sell for an exorbitantly high price!  Why then, doesn't everyone do it?

Quite simply, it is staged, and 'in reality' the costs of the true dwelling, added to the renovations, labour, stamp duty and commission often result in a small or no profit from the sale - as the production company of the Block's first attempt in 2011 found to its chagrin when three of the four properties failed to come close to their reserve prices.  But the excitement, the biting fingernails, the pulsating drama of the build-up and so many watching (not too many bidding) invariably hides the true outcome -  though adds to the ratings!

To make matters worse, the very method employed - auction - deprives the seller from achieving the highest price as it is (uncommonly) understood that the person who paid his highest price was the underbidder.  The winner did not need to reveal the highest price he would have paid after all.

It is the same with Ebay auctions.  Countless times I have submitted a price for an item I really wanted (the maximum I was prepared to pay) and on every occasion I managed to secure it for a lesser amount.

My  question is this.... Why does the richest and most prolific developer in Australia, Harry Triguboff, never sell his apartments at auction?

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