Property Management Process

Key elements to providing maximum return with minimum stress.


Communication & Following Industry Legislation

  • Agency co-owner, Senior Property Manager, makes all property decisions
  • Person-centred management, professional level interpersonal skills, communication is 'key'
  • Prompt and honest communication (with 24-hr mobile contact)
  • Strict adherence to real estate industry legislation and privacy act, to ensure safety from liability and landlord/tenant rights respected
  • Email, phone and fax - all communication in writing, even after phoning
  • Use of industry approved up-to-date, ADL real estate forms
  • Newsletters, regular and quarterly


Initial Inspection (Landlord)

  • An inspection at your property or an appointment at the Robina Village Real Estate office arranged to get to know you and your property
  • Individual fee packages (with flat fees) available and offered to suit your individual property and landlord needs
  • CMA - Current Market Analysis provided to ascertain the rental value in the current market, and discussed at your appointment
  • Appointment Agreement (Form 6) completed with all management details at commencement (see How to Appoint Property Manager tab)
  • Discuss marketing schedule upon Appointment to advertise your property.
  • Marketing - all popular real estate web domains, office window, agency data base, sign on property, e-news etc.


Your New Tenancy (Tenants)

  • Application comprehensive information/tenant pack and application forms provided
  • Tenant supported to understand expectations and responsibilities for commencement, during and vacating a tenancy
  • Applications - Tenant Screening while marketing to find the most suitable tenants to fit the property and landlord needs
  • High quality tenants acquired using strict selection criteria (including National Tenancy Database checks for all applicants)
  • Comprehensive check list used and processed
  • Summary of successful applicants presented to the landlord for final decision by the landlord 
  • General tenancy agreement and accompanying legal and industry paperwork signed
  • Comprehensive information tenancy pack provided for care of property.
  • Check list of legal forms signed for the record, compliance check list completed for all compliances.
  • Rental Bonds (4 weeks held by RTA) and for prestige properties more can be held, part bond collected for increases in rent
  • Foster tenant responsibility, care of the property with industry standard rules and with each 4-month inspection follow up
  • Maintain rapport and communication with and condition of the property for longevity to minimise rental investment
  • Property keys - number keyboard/key register/kept securely
  • No tolerance of rental arrears, water consumption payments with methodical follow up (1 day reminder/7 day remedy breach)


Maintaining Your Property

  • Compliance measures in place, no risk of liability - Smoke Alarms, Insurances, Pool Compliance, Body Corporate by-laws etc.
  • Routine Inspections - constant monitoring and reporting of the condition of your property (min 4 monthly) with accompanying photos
  • Repairs and Maintenance, procedures followed to a high standard to minimise the cost and ensure functionality
  • Maintaining the property history of maintenances
  • All expenditure and means for repairs communicated to and discussed with landlord prior to work order
  • (please ask for a copy of our intricate maintenance work flow chart)
  • Licensed and insured services only used,  to ensure protection from liability and ensures landlord warranties and insurances are valid
  • Monitor, record dates and update insurance policies systematically
  • Ensure smoke alarm compliances and pool compliances up to date annually.
  • Insurance claims processing; body corporate or general
  • Prompt communication (24-hour mobile contact for tenants/landlord) for management of all maintenances, after hours emergencies
  • We will care for your investment property as if it were our own


Landlord/Tenant Ledger Management

  • Landlord monthly statement and disbursement of funds once monthly (including processing and payment of creditors and property invoices)
  • End of Financial Year Statement
  • Tenant ledgers and balance statements
  • All management serviced by industry standard, computer management software (including routine photo and summary reports)
  • Best market rent and regular reviews of rental price to ensure maximum yields
  • Current market analysis (CMA) provided at each renewal or upon request
  • Same day response to requests of landlord and tenant for ledger needs


Landlord & Building Insurance and Experienced Senior Management

Owning/managing an investment property is most often a 'fruitful' and rewarding experience.   It is important that property owners keep in mind that changing circumstances with tenants or building maintenance issues can make managing your property challenging.  These types of changing circumstances could cost many thousands of dollars in damages, arrears or expenses, if not adequately insured and managed.  This type of story is all to common if a property is not professionally managed and/or if landlords are not well informed.  Taking the 400 pages of legislation into consideration while practising the Residential Tenancies and Rooming and Accommodation Act 2008, as well as other mandates relevant to the real estate industry, is crucial.  In this light, our landlords must always be covered by Landlord as well as Building Insurance, which prepares landlords well for the worst that can happen.  Property Management can present with a high risk of liability without this security and diligent professional awareness.

Even with the approved and perfect tenants in place, changing issues with life can lead to a tenant defaulting on rent or abandoning the property i.e. burglary, job loss or transfer, continued illness etc.  Additionally, unexpected natural causes such as storms, fire and flood can cause damage to a home and its contents.   We can provide examples of what can potentially occur, if you do not keep you insurances up to date.   We recommend that landlords source their own insurance company, carefully comparing conditions before commencement of a General Tenancy.    These details need to be provided to the property manager to update and manage.


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