Want a higher Price for your property?

Don't annoy your Buyers.....


It sounds good in theory – quote a low price to attract purchasers, and then work to get the price up from there.  Then why do NO negotiation experts favour this method?  

It has been proven that buyers DO NOT like bait pricing strategies and, in fact,  legislation has just recently been introduced in NSW to outlaw this practice.

If a seller wants $650,000, why advertise offers above $600,000 or priced between $620,000-$670,000?  Technically speaking, a buyer could expect to offer $601,000 and buy the house… but is told the offer is too low.

With these methods, buyers feel deceived and their natural inclination results in the lowest price they see becoming the highest price they want to pay, and many offers start well below the lowest price.  This simply cannot benefit the seller!

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Helpful tips to find an agent that is right for you.....

Sellers frequently use two criteria to select their agent, (1) the price given by the agent and (2) their selling fee.  Unfortunately, this often leads to the agents competing on quotes.  Sellers love being told what they want to hear!   So naturally they often gravitate to the highest figure irrespective of the truth.

How much better would it be to have a better perspective on the merits of each agent before discussing price?  Can the agent demonstrate an ability to negotiate?  You are paying him to get you the highest price so it imperative to focus on the skill level of the agent.  The cheapest agent could end up the most expensive if they cost you money.

After all, if you were undergoing critical heart surgery wouldn’t you choose the surgeon with years of skill….  even if he were more expensive?