What to look for in a listing presentation (Principal's blog)


When selling your home, an agent's listing presentation is often the deciding factor on which agent gets the job. It helps you get a feel for their negotiation expertise, marketing knowledge, experience and professionalism. Unfortunately, there are many agents lacking the necessary knowledge and skill to impress an owner. These agents will do and promise anything to get a listing.

The team at Robina Village Real E...state have compiled their tips on what to look for in a listing presentation.


Can they back up their claims? 
They might be able to talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? A professional agent can present evidence to back up their claims; they should be like a barrister proving their case. A portfolio of recent sales, including examples of what prices were achieved along with evidence of a superior negotiation ability.

Comprehensive information relating to their marketing ability and client services should be brought along to the presentation.

A good agent will also have excellent general local knowledge, as well as the local property market. An agent that is familiar with the local scene can effectively assess how your home fares in the market alongside similar properties in the area.

Check out the real estate agent’s Facebook page – what are their reviews like? If there are a lot of happy clients, you’re likely to be in capable hands. If there are a lot of unhappy clients venting their frustration it might be wise to steer clear.

Are they honest?
You’re hoping for $600,000 for your property, but the agent promises that he could easily get $670,000+! Does the price sound too good to be true? It usually is. An honest agent will give you a price based on thorough research and will be able to demonstrate with evidence why they have priced it that way. An untrained agent that lacks skill can only impress and obtain a listing by exaggerating the price. Quite simply, they lie to get business.

Do you feel comfortable? 
This, perhaps, is the most important to consider. Selling your home is an emotional journey, so it’s important to pick an agent who understands that. It’s vital to have an agent that focuses on your needs. They care about you and what you want. A big clue is they ask questions about you as well as your home, and then listen to what you have to say. If you feel you are warming to them, it's a good sign!

What is their work ethic like? 
Did they arrive on time? Were they dressed well? Did they follow up with you after your appointment? Did they do what they said they would do?

These are signs that an agent has respect for himself as well as his clients. If they don't take pride in their work, it's highly unlikely they will provide an exceptional service when selling.