Why are you Selling?


Before interviewing a real estate agent, it is vital that you have a very clear reason for making such a critical decision.

Essentially, the question you will ask yourself is, “Will our lives improve as a result of the sale of this property?”.  In the majority of cases, it will boil down to either an emotional or a financial decision.

Are you selling to be closer to family?

Do you need a larger home – or a smaller one, because the children have left?

Will you have a smaller mortgage and feel less pressure?

Whatever the reason, it is indispensable that you consider the pros and cons of selling which can be, at times, a fairly stressful experience.

You should never put your house on the market thinking, “I’ll only sell if I get my price”.  Rather, it should be “when I get an offer, I’ll see if I can achieve the outcome I’d like”.

With a clear goal in mind, you will often find the selling process so much easier.